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My Artistic Tribute to Garfield, the Monday-Hating, Lasagna-Loving Cat

My Artistic Tribute to Garfield, the Monday-Hating, Lasagna-Loving Cat

In this blog post, I want to share the inspiring story of how Garfield the Cat influenced my love for art, leading me on a path of creativity and self-expression.

As a child of the eighties, I discovered the world of Garfield through Jim Davis' timeless comics and animated cartoons. Garfield's sarcastic humor and larger-than-life personality captivated my imagination. Inspired by the charismatic lasagna-loving cat, I started drawing him tirelessly, attempting to replicate every pose and expression found in the comics. I became a dedicated collector, meticulously saving Garfield comic strips from the newspaper, immersing myself in his world.

While my initial dream was to create comic strips for newspapers, I struggled to master the complexities of multi-panel storytelling. So rather than struggle on forever, I decided to explore other avenues that would showcase my unique talents. Instead of comic strips, I shifted my focus to portrait-style illustrations, where I could bring characters from my imagination to life, along with indulging in fan art.

As the years went by, my artistic journey led me down various paths, delving into different subjects and themes. I studied industrial design, fine art through multiple dimensions (2D/3D LOL), interactive design and graphic design. Although my love for Garfield never waned, my drawings of the iconic character took a backseat as I immersed myself in a wide range of other cat-related art. My passion for felines inspired countless sketches and illustrations, each one adding to my artistic repertoire. Which brought me to where I am today - largely known for making cat art!

I recently sat down to finally pay homage to Garfield in my own artistic style. Armed with the digital art tool Procreate, my trusty iPad Pro, and the Apple Pencil 2, I embarked on a nostalgic artistic endeavor. This homage to Garfield was crafted to capture the essence of the character while infusing it with my personal artistic touch.

Completing the artwork in Procreate was the main part, but to help bring my homage to life, I finished everything up in Photoshop, ensuring that the final result would be ready for print. These 5x7" art prints are now available for purchase through my shop, allowing others to share in the nostalgia and sarcasm that Garfield brings.

My artistic journey, fueled by the inspiration of Garfield, has been a testament to the power of beloved characters in shaping our creative pursuits. From my humble beginnings as a child, diligently copying every Garfield pose, to the exploration of my own artistic style, this journey has been one of self-discovery and growth. Through my art, I strive to evoke the same sense of joy and inspiration that Garfield brought to my life, sharing my passion with others.

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