Welcome to LABCREATURE, where we bring cats, cryptids, monsters, and more to life! We offer a variety of art and fashion products that showcase your love for all things strange and unusual.

We're fueled by our passion for animals (especially cats), horror movies, science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture.

You can find our products at markets and pop-ups in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as at Oddities & Curiosities Expos in cities nationwide. To stay updated on where we'll be next, please visit our show schedule page.

Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure!

 - David Bigler

Meet our team!

David Bigler - Founder, Lead Illustrator, Graphic Design & Concepts

David has been drawing ever since he picked up a crayon as a child. He loves illustration, horror movies, fine art, cats (and dogs). With over twenty years of experience in the graphic design/interactive design industry, he made the transition to full-time illustration in 2022.

Doctor Chelsea - Fabrics Specialist, Jewelry Fabrication & Concepts

Chelsea has a fondness for cats, dogs, horror movies, photography, hiking, and reading. Bursting with creative ideas, she provides a unique perspective thanks to her years of experience as a scientist. Although she holds the title "doctor," she isn't the kind that treats people.