UFO Cat Friends Art Print (Abductapuss)

Type: Art Prints

Dive into this imaginative scene where not one, but three cats are caught in the fascinating beam of a UFO, with one being intriguingly beamed up. It's a visual exploration of a cat's insatiable curiosity blending with the enigmatic allure of extraterrestrial phenomena. This piece invites you into a whimsical world where whiskered wanderers journey beyond the stars, perhaps in search of a galactic shopping spree in the vast unknown.

With its vivid hues and meticulous details, "Beam Me Up Kitty!" is a statement piece for every art enthusiast. Adorn your living space, bedroom, or workspace, making it an epicenter of intrigue and wonder.

Elevate your space with a tale of interstellar allure and feline fantasy. Secure this otherworldly treasure today.

Product Details:

  • Artist: David Bigler
  • Print Type: Full-color
  • Paper Quality: Premium, acid-free bright white paper
  • Available Sizes: 5" x 7" (for intimate spaces or grouped displays) and 8" x 10" (for a bold, standalone statement).

Special Features:

  • Vivid Design: Our print bursts with color, ensuring the spirit of the artwork radiates.
  • Lasting Brilliance: Printed on fade-resistant, high-caliber paper.

Display Recommendations:

  • Framing: Accentuate its splendor with a complementary frame (frame not included).
  • Desk or Shelf: Using a stand or easel, it becomes a conversation starter wherever it rests.

Note: Frames are not included.