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'The Texas Chain Saw Cat' Art

'The Texas Chain Saw Cat' Art

'The Texas Chain Saw Cat' Art

Attention all horror fans and cat lovers, our newest addition to the LABCREATURE collection has arrived! Introducing 'The Texas Chain Saw Cat', inspired by the iconic character 'Leatherface' from the TCM series.

For years, we have had this spooky cat on our list of ideas, and we are excited to finally bring it to life as prints, stickers, and pins. I tried to accurately capture the essence of Leatherface, while still retaining the playful and quirky spirit of LABCREATURE.

One of the challenges we faced was making the mask more colorful and adding some cartoony zombie vibes to make it less gross, and we are thrilled with the results. The final artwork is a unique blend of spooky and cute!

Our 'The Texas Chain Saw Cat' illustration is available in both 5"x7" and 8"x10" prints, vinyl stickers, and acrylic pins. Whether you're looking to add some character to your laptop, jacket, or simply decorate your walls, we've got you covered.

At LABCREATURE, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality and unique products, and 'The Texas Chain Saw Cat' is no exception. Get your hands on this limited edition piece and add a touch of horror to your collection. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more exciting releases from our LABCREATURE team.

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